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Registrations and transfers

Registration catch-up program

One time offer for herds that have not registered any animals in the previous two (2) years.

All animals in the herd must be registered according to their eligibility.

A number of DNA parentage or genomic tests will be requested at the breeders expense, for the purebred (87.5% or more) females of 24 months or older. The results of these tests will determine if more extensive testing will be required. All bulls will need DNA parentage or genomic tests.

All registrations will be processed at the base fee of $21.00 / animal. For the animals 51 % or greater.

All registered animals at 50% or less will be processed at the base fee of $14.00 / animal.

If you have any question, please contact us at Ayrshire Canada.

Member and animal enquiry

Member zone

Application for registration

Calf abnormality report

How to register online