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The Ayrshire breed originated from the montainous regions of the Ayr county in Scotland, a country where the topography varies from sea level up to 2000 feet in the montains. The weather is constant from summer through winter, not too warm nor too cold.

The breed developed its red and white caracteristics around the year 1800 but was only recognized in 1814. The breed arrived in Canada in the early 1800 through Scottish settlers. In 1870, the Association of Importers and Ayrshire Breeders of Quebec was founded.

In Ontario, the Canadian Ayrshire Association was founded in 1872. It was only on March 10, 1898 that those two associations merged to become the Ayrshire Breeders’ Association of Canada.

The Association was incorporated on January 1, 1901.

The Canadian Ayrshire breed is famous throughout the world as a genetic source of dairy cattle of superior quality. Ayrshire cows have the milk production and high component level in milk needed to satisfy the world’s market demand. The Ayrshire breed has the lowest somatic cells count in Canada.

They are famous for their functionnal conformation, are free of genetic disease, have easy calvings and are adapted to variable environmental conditions, even difficult ones.

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