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Tribute to Mr. Alex McCaig

Alex McCaig


This year’s recipient was proposed by the World Ayrshire Conference Steering Committee and was accepted by the Executive Committee of Ayrshire Canada.

This Ayrshire breeder is not afraid to get involved in the organization of activities for his local club as well as any other level of the Association. As Chairman of the Exhibits Committee of the World Ayrshire Conference, he gave a lot of his time and money to ensure the success of the sales and activities under his direction. His “joie de vivre” and his good humor are appreciated by all those who know him and those of you who haven’t met him yet are missing an opportunity to know a man who has integrity and a big heart.
In recognition of all the work he accomplished in 1996, for his cooperation, involvement and constant moral support, Ayrshire Canada is proud to present the Ayrshire Award of Merit to Mr. Alex McCaig.