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Tribute to Mr. Allan Barr

Allan Barr


Allan Barr is well known in all Ayrshire circles for the outstanding showring performances of the Woodland View Herd. He didn’t miss any major show and was one of the organizers of the very first trip to show Canadian Ayrshires at World Dairy Expo in Madison.

Allan was also involved in many sale projects mostly to develop the US market. He was always available with his big red truck to deliver animals from private sales or transporting groups of animals to new sales such as the Kentucky show and sale. These efforts helped make Canadian Ayrshires better known in the United States.

Much time was dedicated to Ayrshire Canada where he served two terms as President of the Association, first in 1984 and again in 1996 when Canada hosted the World Ayrshire Conference. Allan has many friends around the world from his trips abroad to judge Ayrshire shows.

Unfortunately Mr. Barr cannot be with us tonight as he is undergoing treatments for cancer but our thoughts are with him as we honour his contributions to Ayrshire Canada and the Ayrshire breed.