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Ferme Philippe Marcoux inc

Ferme Philippe Marcoux


The purchase of a few root cows allowed this breed to be awarded the title of Superior Breeder. He has never been afraid to by animals at Ayrshire sales. Incidentally, it’s the progeny of 2 purchased cows that contributed to more than half of the points needed to receive the title. Lessard Mozart Lie is the cow who contributed the most to the title. With 4 stars, she proved she could breed. Eleven of her daughters were classified GP and better. Embryo transfers were very profitable on this cow. The other purchase that was beneficial for the farm was Rosayre Goldust. With fourteen descendants, she really deserves her 4 stars. Eleven of her daughters classified GP or better and they all have productions above the herd’s average. Furthermore, one cannot forget the performance of Lessard BBK Pasta, another purchased cow,. Although this cow has not given points towards obtaining this title, she however charmed many judges in 2002, being chosen Grand Champion at the Spring Show, at the St-Isidore Fair and at Expo Quebec. Ayrshire Canada is proud to honor Ferme Philippe Marcoux with the Superior Breeder Award.