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Tribute to Mr. Alex McCaig

Alex McCaig


Alex was born in Ormstown in 1952; he is the youngest of three children born to Alex and Peggy McCaig. He worked alongside his mom and dad on their dairy farm. In his spare time he was very active in 4-H, curling, and liked to help his uncles Donald and John at cattle sales and shows.  Alex went to Macdonald College in the agriculture programme, followed by Guelph University in the veterinary programme. It was there that he decided farming was his future. In 1975 he bought the Lashburn family farm. He continued to grow Green Giant, and grain cereals alongside his dad and Uncle Harold. In July 1987 Alex and Judy were married, an instant family, Lyndsay, Heidi, and Shawn. All the McCaig hospitality and good times continued with family, friends, and Ayrshire people from around the world. Their doors are always open, and coffee is served anytime after 7:00 am.

Alex has worked hard to improve the quality of his cattle, with great success. He has raised many excellent cattle, some champions, and even a supreme champion. Alex has always been very active in Howick- Huntingdon club affairs. He has also served as a director of Ayrshire Quebec, and on the marketing committee of Ayrshire Canada.
Alex has been to three world conferences, and was involved in the conference held in Canada in 1996. He has also done some judging, as he has a good eye for cattle. Alex was the first person to receive the Ayrshire Award of Merit in 1997, and in 2001 he was awarded the honour of superior breeder.

Many a friendship he has started sitting on a show box, having a beer or a crown royal at the fair, or a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. Alex is a renowned Ayrshire ambassador, known worldwide.

Keep up the good work.