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Tribute to Mr. James Clark

James Clark


It is an honor for us to introduce the next Honorary Lifetime Member of Ayrshire Canada.

There is no way to summarize what can be said about this gentleman. His dedication and passion for the Ayrshire cow is unmatchable. His love and commitment to his family is admirable and his friendship is simply irreplaceable.

We, as Ayrshire breeders, are very fortunate to have him on our side.James Clark grew up in a small community near Scotsburn, Nova Scotia. Started by his grandfather, Mornglow Farm eventually became a registered purebred Ayrshire farm by the early 1950’s under the stewardship of his Father, Fred. James would continue to grow and nurture Mornglow Farm to be a well-known herd throughout the Ayrshire world.

James has always taken pride in everything he does and this is certainly evident in the active and successful breeder and exhibitor he continues to be. To be able to have accomplished what he has over the years, there was always someone back home to hold the fort down. Joan, who is now retired from teaching, their daughter Stephanie and son Bobby, enabled James to take the time away from home for the benefit of the breed when he was President of the Nova Scotia Ayrshire Breeders’ Club, Director and Vice-President of the Canadian Ayrshire Breeders’ Association.

There are only a handful of individuals who have accomplished what James has in the show ring. He has exhibited the Champion cow at his hometown Pictou County Exhibition, the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition, Charlottetown’s Old Home Week, Atlantic Winter Fair in Halifax, Quebec Spring Show, the Royal and the prestigious World Dairy Expo in Madison. Most of us only dream of such success!

Believing in modern technology and the desire to advance the genetics of his herd, James flushed many of his cows and sold embryos throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, South Africa and South America.

After Farming for 37 years, James decided to retire. In March of 2003, Mornglow Farm held a herd dispersal with cattle being sold throughout Canada, into the US and various partnerships being formed with breeders overseas.

Many cattle that carry the Mornglow prefix continue to excel in the show ring – Remix, Destiny and Vortex to name a few.

Over the years, everyone develops what you might consider highlights. James considers the Andrea family a highlight and often reflects on the various partnerships with Alan Barr, Felipe Calderon, Urban Svenson, Paul Angus and many successes shared with these partnerships. However, it isn’t just the success shared – it is also the lasting friendships and the countless good times shared that truly are the highlights.

It was 25 years ago that James’ father, Fred, attended the first Spring Show and was so impressed with the quality and numbers at the show that he told James, “The Spring Show was the place to be,” and with that, James has never missed attending the Spring Show since. In the last couple of years, James got the itch again and has purchased more cattle for himself and his granddaughter Kelsey who is in 4-H. James made a point at the Royal last fall to purchase a heifer so he could be an exhibitor on this, the 25th anniversary of the Spring Show.

James and Joan spend much of their winter in Florida since their retirement, golfing nearly every day and just enjoying life. Although retired, you can appreciate the time and dedication James devoted and continues to devote to the Ayrshire breed.

You’ll not meet a classier gentlemen than James.

It is with great respect that we honor James Clark as Honorary Lifetime Member of Ayrshire Canada.