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Tribute to Mr. Neil G. Kittle

Neil G. Kittle


Our winner this year is well known across the North American Ayrshire community. He is an important cattle dealer in all breeds and, the most important independent Ayrshire dealer in Canada. He is also an excellent Ayrshire breeder who, each year, brings home his weight in trophies and plaques from shows across Ontario and Quebec.

The reason for which we present him this award tonight is simple, but nevertheless important for the Ayrshire breeders across the country. As an independent dealer, he makes some remarkable efforts to sell Ayrshire cattle and lots of them. Each year, many Ayrshire breeders put money in their pocket because of his contracts across Canada, the United States and his sales.

The demand for Ayrshire cattle in 1998 was tremendous and he tackled it head on, buying a lot of Ayrshires. A good part of his salary is provided by the sale of Ayrshires, which is really good to hear. He is presently the Chairman of a newly formed Ayrshire Club in Ontario, resulting from the merger between the Stormont and Grenville-Dundas Ayrshire Clubs. Besides cows, his other joys are chocolate and cats, not dogs.

For his pride in promoting the Ayrshire breed and because he is willing to go the extra mile to market Ayrshire cattle, Ayrshire Canada is proud to present the Ayrshire Award of Merit to Mr. Neil G. Kittle.