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Tribute to Mr. Bruce Garlough

Bruce Garlough


March 3, 2006

It is indeed a pleasure to be able to tell you a little bit about Bruce, who I have known all of my life, as both a member of our local Grenville-Dundas-Stormont Ayrshire Club, and also as a member of my community.

Let’ start at the beginning … Bruce‘s grandfather, Jacob Garlough, and his Dad, Wilbur Garlough, had a well-established herd of purebred Ayrshires when Bruce came on the scene in June of 1945. Their Greencrest herd had been purchased locally, which included some from the Ivy Lodge herd, owned by my great grandfather.

Bruce’s habit of keeping busy with both work at home and extra activities began with 4-H, which he enjoyed for many years. In his late teens, Bruce attended Kemptville College of Agricultural Technology. He graduated in 1965, but returned in 1966 to graduate from the advanced mechanics course. After finishing his mechanics course, he returned home to join his Dad, Wilbur, on the family farm. He also spent a short time with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food as a fieldman in Dundas County. In 1974, Bruce’s brother Gordon joined the family farm operation.

Bruce married the love of his life, Mary Ellen, in 1976. Bruce and Mary Ellen have two sons, Jason and Simon . Bruce served a two-year term as President of the Grenville-Dundas Ayrshire Club in 1975 and 1976, and a short time afterward, assumed the duties of Club Treasurer, which he has efficiently carried out for the past 25 years.

In 1980, the Greencrest herd enrolled with DHI, and began official milk recording. They purchased Greencrest Victory in 1986, who later scored VG and was a tremendous brood cow at West Meadow. One of her daughters, West Meadow Vanna, who scored EX92, was nominated All-Canadian six times and chosen All-Canadian in 1992 The herd was honoured in 1992 to place 3rd in Dundas County amongst all breeds, with a composite BCA of 214. In the fall of 1997 cows and quota were sold and Bruce began to raise replacement heifers which he continued until the border closed in May of 2003. One of those replacement heifers was Greencrest Michelle, who was sold to Pennsylvania in 2002, and then resold in 2004 at the Ohio State Spring Sale for a record price. She later received an All-American nomination.

To get a complete picture of Bruce’s involvement however, with both the Ayrshire breed and within his community, you must read between these lines. Bruce has many interests and many commitments. He was a member of our local Milk Committee for eight years.

He is a also a long standing member of the Dundas County Soil and Crop Association, has belonged to the Dundas County Farm Safety Association for the past 25 years, and presently the Provincial Farm Safety Association. Bruce also performed the duties of Resource Stewardship in Dundas, Stormont and Glengarry for 10 years, and spent 20 years as a dedicated 4-H leader. As mentioned previously, he has been Treasurer of our local club for 25 years, but has also been a member who has always been willing to be involved in everything that the Club undertakes, whether it be our annual club sale, banquet, or hosting the club picnic. Reading through Bruce’s list of family farm a success.

I know that Mary Ellen has recently retired from full-time teaching, and that they now have more time together to pursue additional interests.

Bruce in presenting you with the Honourary Life Member Award on behalf of Ayrshire Canada, I would like to express a sincere thank you from our local Ayrshire Club for always being ready to lend a hand. You are indeed a most deserving recipient of this award in recognition of your tireless effort and commitment to both the Ayrshire breed and to your local community.

Congratulations Bruce. We wish you continued good health, happiness, and happy traveling!