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Ferme Coubert SENC

Ferme Coubert SENC


Du Petit Lac’s breeding history began in 1974 when Réal Rousseau acquired his first thoroughbred Ayrshire animals. At that time, the herd mainly consisted of crossbreds. The following year, the company began registration and milk recording.

Over the years, Du Petit Lac has undergone some changes. Initially, the herd was housed on the Rousseau family farm, located in Lingwick. In 1995, Frédéric joined his parents in the business, who transferred their shares to him in 2005. That same year, the lactating cows were moved to Compton, and Frédéric became a partner of Ferme Coubert, which had been operated until then by Caroline, his partner, and her parents André and Nicole Couture. And that was the start of the mixed herd (Holstein and Ayrshire) that we know today. The heifers aged 6 months at first calving were kept at the Lingwick farm, partly under the responsibility of Jean-François, the youngest of the Rousseau family. Then, in 2015, the construction of a heifer barn brought the whole herd back to the same place. Currently, the business is operated by Frédéric and Caroline, as well as Caroline’s parents, who are in the process of retiring from the business, and the transfer process is underway.

The herd consists of 235 head, 55% Holstein and 45% Ayrshire, including 95 lactating cows, and they are fed TMR. Current Ayrshire production is 8,450 kg with 4.5% fat and 3.5% protein, and the classification of the mixed herd is 3 EX, 51 VG and 45 GP. The farm owns 130 acres of crop and a maple grove of 2,500 taps, as well as about 125 leased acres for forage and corn silage production.

For our herd, we want balanced cows with good mammary systems and the capacity to produce a lot of milk. Longevity is also an important factor on which we rely.

It is this philosophy that led to the evolution of the cow families that contributed most to this title of Master-Breeder. We find, among others, Du Petit Lac Wilton Kenyta EX-90-6E 1* and her descendants who combine strong production and sustainable conformation, Du Petit Lac Sylvester Moka VG-87 2 *, whose descendants show an exceptional conformation, which is passed on from generation to generation, and last but not least Du Petit Lac Sylvester Hamende EX-95-2E 4*, which contributed to the herd’s reputation.

It is with great joy and pride that we receive this second title of Master Breeder, which represents for us a source of motivation. For the future, we wish to continue to breed quality Ayrshires adapted to the needs of the market and in line with the company’s breeding objectives.

Ayrshire Canada offers its sincere congratulations to Ferme Coubert SENC for its second title of Master Breeder.

Congratulation !