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Kildare farm



Ferme Kildare from Saint-Ambroise de Kildare, Québec was awarded the Master Breeder title for the second time this year. Although the farm has been in operation for over 5 generations, it is only in the 80’s that an Ayrshire breed register was created. Then a student at Institut de technologies agricoles in Saint-Hyacinthe, Jean-François registered the family farm cows with the National Identification Program (NIP). It was only in 1994, though, when he came back to work on the farm that Jean-François really started the Kildare breed, taking part into animal shows and various breed activities.

Thanks to a few good acquisitions and especially to the farm-raised cow Kildare Heligo Xante EX 14*, which has held the No 1 rank for its LPI for many years, Kildare seriously started to make a name for itself.

Xante, an extraordinary donor cow of 400 embryos (23 flushes in 24 months) mainly sold for export, a few insemination bulls, like Kildare Jerry, and several daughters of Xante has earned Kildare Farm its first Master Breeder award. Xante’s daughters like Kildare BBK Kellyann EX-4E 2* with a lifetime production of 119,365 kg of milk, and granddaughters like Kildare T-Bruno Prudence VG-87 1* with 85,755 kg of milk, Kildare Patsy-B Justice VG-87 7* with 91,046 kg of milk, Kildare Patsy-B Justy EX-3E 5* with 65,417 kg of milk, Kildare Patsy-B Judith VG-88 1* with 94,909 kg of milk and Kildare Patsy Corine EX-91 3E with 70,536 kg of milk are responsible for this year’s Master Breeder title.

Other important cows like Kildare Wilton Verro EX-94 4E 6* with a lifetime production of 81,120 kg of milk and her full sister Kildare Wilton Vega VG-86 1* with 61,121 kg of milk, have also contributed for many points.

Upon graduating from the same agricultural institute in Saint-Hyacinthe as his father, Jérôme joined the farming company. He bought a neighbouring farm, acquired Hautpré herd, and created Kildare II. The company now owns more than 1000 acres of land, 350 heads and produces 250 kg/day of fat from two locations.

A 6th generation is now growing, and the owners are already working at winning a third Master Breeder award.

Ayrshire Canada offers its sincere congratulations to Ferme Kildare inc for its second Master Breeder Award.