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Tribute to Dave and Bonnie Bergeron

Dave et Bonnie Bergeron


The Award of Merit is presented to people who have a real passion for the Ayrshire breed and are dedicated to making our breed even better.

Our winners this year exemplify that dedication. Through communication and many contacts, Ayrshire news is shared far and wide. Phone calls, e-mails and farm visits help this very Ayrshire couple touch many people throughout the year.

A fireman by trade and a clipper by choice, Dave manages to juggle his work schedule to attend Ayrshire meetings, events and shows, not an easy task. Well respected for his eye for good cattle, Dave fulfills his job as Fieldman for Ayrshire Ontario long after the money to pay him is gone.

Sweet of nature is maybe why Bonnie decided to make Laura Secords her career. I’m sure however, that she spends a lot more of her time on her Ayrshire Ontario secretary work and the Ayr’Strip than she does selling chocolates.

Dave and Bonnie own Dream Ridge farm. They don’t just promote Ayrshires they own them. Together Dave and Bonnie are at shows with their own animals and lots more that they prepare for other breeders. This certainly helps get more quality animals out to the show.

They love Ayrshires, they invest in Ayrshires and they truly do make the Ayrshire breed even better, our Award of Merit winners, Dave and Bonnie Bergeron.