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Tribute to Mr. Garnet Schellen

Garnet Schellen


This year the winner of the Award of Merit gives new meaning to the tern “Passion for Ayrshires”. Under the mentorship of his father Cornelius Schellen, he developed early an outstanding eye for a fine animal.

From the young age of 23, he took over his family Ayrshire farm from his parents and his vision was clear: to improve the breed and promote his herd the best way he could.

His drive and desire for the Ayrshire breed is hard to match, whether it is attending Ayrshire meetings, or sales, or hosting international Ayrshire visitors. His determination prehaps shows most when, on a regular bases, he loads up his trailer and trucks his prize cattle great distances and at large expense to the Spring Show in St-Hyacinthe, and sometimes even to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. He does so always looking forward to interact with other Ayrshire Breeders and promote our ever lovely Ayrshire Cow. Having held various positions locally and nationally as well as serving as a Vice President of Ayrshire Canada, he always makes time to promote the Ayrshire breed and help others do so.

Need a top consignment for a sale? Need an advertisement for the Ayrshire Review? Need someone to take time off to visit other Ayrshire Breeders, he is always willing. Are you at a show and need to borrow something; are you short of milk and needing a cow; are you looking for a barn bull for breeding: do you need an extra show cow or need a cow to help fill your tank: he is always willing to accommodate those requests large or small. A good business man, he understands the value of the Ayrshire to produce a profitable bottom line.

This year recipient has bred, owned and sold some of the top Ayrshire cows in Canada. He is recognized world wide as having one of the best Ayrshire herds with several bulls carrying his herd prefex making a positive impact on the breed. A long time Ayrshire Breeder and promoter of Ayrshire Cattle, owning and operating the ever popular “Forever Schoon Herd” on Prince Edward Island with his wife Sheryl and son Jarrod, it is our pleasure to recognize Garnett Schellen.