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Tribute to Mr. Jonathan Lemay

Jonathan Lemay


This year, the Award of Merit goes to someone who is devoted to the breed, for his involvement as well as his love for the Ayrshire.  This year, the past recipients suggested a young man who, after having been raised in a Holstein environment, fell in love with a young lady from the Ayrshire world…and from the devotion that he now bestows to the breed, we like to believe that she has put color in his life!

Young father for the 4th time now, the word “no” does not exist in his vocabulary. He always finds time to help a breeder who needs advice for the preparation of an animal before a show, to help at a sale or to sell an Ayrshire to a new member.  You’re looking for a fresh cow? He doesn’t say no, he says: I’ll find you one! His presence is noticed everywhere he goes with his good mood and passion, whether it’s in Canada or in the US where he is every year in Madison. He’s even made friends there, even though English is not his “forte”. His friendly sociable side removes any language barrier there might be. He’s always ready to look after other breeders’ animals on exhibits when it’s not convenient for them to go themselves, which is always good for the shows! Always wanting to do well and always ready to help, he said “yes” to us last year when we asked him to manage the Best 4 You Sale, which in fact was a great success due to his numerous hours of hard work. His passion and dedication make him an incomparable ambassador, a kind of young breeder we need to continue to go forward.

Consequently, in order to get recognition for his herd and to help the Association, this person meets all the criteria of a winner. Despite his heavy workload, he always makes time for us and for the breed.  Always smiling with his little family around him in the barn, he always comes up with a new idea for Ayrshires.  Today, the previous winners are very happy to award him this prize so well deserved.  Despite his young years, he has already done a lot and we hope he will continue for many more years!

The 2011 Award of Merit goes to none other than Jonathan Lemay.