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Tribute to Mr. Philippe Marcoux

Philippe Marcoux


The Award of Merit was created to recognize the contribution that Alex McCaig made by organizing some of the major events of the WAC in 1996. Each year the next recipient is selected by the previous winners. The award is presented to acknowledge an individual who has devoted their time and energy to the Ayrshire breed.

Our award winner this year has been a Board member both of Ayrshire Quebec and Ayrshire Canada. He serves on committees as the Ayrshire representative and is the current President of the Multi-Breed service center in Quebec.

Known for his hard work, dedication and unfailing good humour he takes all challenges in stride and finds solutions. Others working with Philippe quickly learn that he is knowledgeable and has great respect for the people around him.

A devoted family man he is also involved in the community and has been a municipal counsellor for many years.

Although his herd started from almost nothing he invested wisely in good cow families and believes in the breed services that he promotes. He now participates in all Ayrshire activities whether it is shows, sales or meetings. Together with his wife, Martine, they can always be counted on to organize events or help out however they can.

Spare time is rare; in addition to the cows there is the sugar shanty, a porcine operation until just recently and of course we can’t forget the bison! A statesman, he is quickly accepted and appreciated everywhere he passes. Open-minded and interested in many things makes him a great representative for the Ayrshire breed.