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Tribute to mrs. Joannie Bilodeau

Joannie Bilodeau



When you find your calling…

She has the Ayrshire breed in her genes and her heart. She bears the Bilodeau name as proudly as she
wears her colours, announcing them in her brand name, “Lady in Red”.

I present to you Ms. Joannie Bilodeau, the new Personality of the Year.
It’s a pleasure to stand alongside this charming lady, with her sharp wit, dynamic voice and teasing smile.
She is always ready to get involved and to organize something.

We will not recount all the details of her short story, but we will still take a moment to highlight some of
her achievements. Her experience in breeding, in addition to farming, began within the Association des
jeunes ruraux du Québec (AJRQ) of Lotbinière County. She climbed the ranks until she found herself at the
head of the provincial Board of Directors in 2004 The Société d’agriculture de Lotbinière and the advisory
group could also count on her administrative skills.

In terms of Ayrshire Quebec, she became involved in the Expo committee as well as the strategic planning
committee. Her involvement as secretary, director and now president of the Appalaches Ayrshire Club
goes back several years. She was director when the Club was founded in 2013 following the merger of the
Des Érables and Etchemin-Lotbinière Ayrshire clubs.

Each year, the annual meeting of the club cannot be held without a tasting of a few beers, cheeses,
sausages, etc. With the support of her directors, she organizes group outings to attend hockey games. “So
that members mingle more than just behind the cows”, she says, and it works! It is in the Appalaches
Ayrshire Club where we currently have one of the top Ayrshire shows in the province. In 2017, she agreed
to participate in an open barn evening organized by her local cooperative. She took the opportunity to
invite not only the province’s Ayrshire breeders, but also milk producers from all over the county… “We
will show them what Ayrshires are worth!”… ��

Almost 3 years ago now, she announced to the members of the Appalaches Club that she wanted to host
the 2019 Ayrshire Québec and Ayrshire Canada annual conference. Nothing too fancy for the members,
we will host it in Scott, in a luxurious hotel. “In Scott? Not in Quebec??”, I asked her. “Of course! You’ll
see, it’s beautiful. As for the price, I’ll take care of it for you…” A promise is a promise. She mustered the
courage, involved her directors and kept her promise. We were able to hold a superb conference and
gather the members in a festive and warm atmosphere.

She is always ready for a new adventure, whether it is social and related to agriculture or not. She is
fortunate to be able to count on a team of parents and friends who support her in all her projects.
Joannie, you are aptly named “Lady in Red”, or I should rather say “Nice Lady in Red”.
Joannie Bilodeau, you are a proud Ayrshire representative and a worthy winner of the 2019 Personality of
the Year award. Congratulations!!

Michel Boudreault,
1999 Winner